About us

LOGS Logistics is an independent transport company based in Dalarna but with operations that extend all over the world. We offer transport and storage options for both small and large companies.

With the whole world as a work field

LOGS Logistics was founded in 2007. Since 2017, we have been focusing on what is called intermodal transport. This means that we combine different means of transport and storage at strategic points, to optimize efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

With our concept LOGS Greenline, we connect northern Sweden with the continent and the rest of the world. The LOGS Greenline is a continuous stretch between Boden in the north to Duisburg or Rotterdam in the south. From there we can then reach the rest of the world via sea or rail. Of course, we have both transshipment possibilities and storage in several locations along the Greenline route.

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Transport that helps you reach your sustainability goals

All our operations strive towards sustainable logistics solutions. The transport sector accounts for a third of the world’s total emissions and we want to change that. We know that it is possible to solve the logistics challenges in a more environmentally friendly way and always do our utmost to make those solutions as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

The majority of our transports go by rail and where necessary we supplement with trucks. All our trucks are powered by electricity or HVO 100, which is a fuel with 60-70 percent lower emissions than diesel.

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Quality and the environment firstly

We are an independent actor and collaborate with others in the industry to solve your logistics in the best way. We always strive for the most sustainable solution, not just the fastest or cheapest.

Our business has three strong guiding principles: quality, flexibility and reduced environmental impact. These principles permeate everything we do and we never compromise them. To ensure high quality, we have implemented a quality policy and are ISO 9001 certified. It is important to us that we constantly work actively to maintain and improve our service and delivery.

All transports have different needs. By using different modes of transport, we can adapt to different types of goods and different delivery requirements. Contact us and we will take care of your shipping challenges.

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