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We help you with your transport. For us, it also includes solving your logistics challenges, helping your organization achieve your sustainability goals and contributing to the transport industry moving forward. Get in touch with us with your assignment.

Intermodal transport

Intermodal transport means that two or more modes of transport are used. Our intermodal transport combines road and rail transport, the longest distances are on rail, while the last mile to and from the train are by truck. Then we can use both the flexibility of road transport and the environmental benefits of the railway. The result is an optimized and tailored shipping solution for you.

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Storage and transshipment

Sometimes both transshipment and a period of storage are required for the logistics to function smoothly. We can offer approximately 40,000 square meters of storage space, both in heated and unheated warehouses. Here, we have the opportunity to store your goods, handle transshipment and deliveries on call.

When you are a customer with us, you get a customer login to our warehouse system. There you can see your balance, get statistics and order transport whenever you want. With us, it is your needs and wishes that rule.

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We are happy to help you with domestic and international road transport, rail transport, sea transport and service of trailers. We also have our combi terminal where we can help you with both transshipment and storage of your goods.

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